Our Customization Service takes one step further than just branding your Zendesk Help Center. This customization service is what you need if:

  • You would like to change the layout of your Zendesk Help Center
  • You would like to change the header and footer to make it exactly like your main website

How much does it cost?

It really depends on what you need, but this starts from $99. This fee is paid in full before we start the work.

How long will this take?

Again, this really depends on the complexity of your requirements. On average, 7 business days are enough time to change your header & footer, as well as customizing the home page, and few other areas or features of the Help Center

How are the changes deployed?

We will be working in your sandbox environment (if you have one), or one of our development instance. Once you approve the change, we'll help you deploy the changes to the production environment.



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