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The Reassign & Sign Out App enables agents to reassign all tickets assigned to them upon signing out from Zendesk. This makes sure the next available agents can see tickets that still require attention. This is a perfect app for organizations with multiple shifts schedule.



  1. Agents have the option to reassign all tickets, or choose tickets in certain status.
  2. Agents have the option to reassign all ticket to their default group, or other group that they are part of.
  3. When reassigning 100+ tickets, it may take 1-2 mins until all tickets are reassigned to the group.




How to install:

  1. Install the app from Zendesk Marketplace.
  2. This app adds a tag "reassigned_to_group_by_app" to tickets that were reassigned to the group. If you have a trigger that would reassign tickets to agents updating the ticket, please add an ALL criteria your trigger condition (e.g. Tag contains none of the following "reassigned_to_group_by_app")
  3. Done, the app will show up in the top bar of Zendesk Support



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