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This app provides you with a shortcut on the navigation bar to access followed, CC'ed, requested and assigned tickets.

Ticket CCs and folowers allow internal users (i.e. your agents and admins) to get ticket updates. This is a powerful feature for agents to collaborate when solving tickets. With standard Zendesk setup, users would need to navigate to their user profile page in order to see tickets followed, CC'ed, requested and assigned. It requires couple clicks and few seconds every time users want to see their followed, CC'ed, requested and assigned tickets. This is not very effecient.


  • Access your followed tickets from the navigation bar
  • Mass follow or unfollow tickets
  • Remove yourself as CC contacts
  • Open tickets in new tab

Some ticket information are displayed in the view such as ticket ID, Subject, Requester Name, Requester Email, Assignee, Status, Requested Date, and Last Updated Date.


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How to install

Install the app from Zendesk Marketplace. Once installed, this app can be accessed on the side navigation bar. For technical support, please contact us at




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