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Mass delete tickets in any of your ticket views - including suspended tickets!

The Mass Delete Tickets app enables administrators and agents (if allowed) to delete tickets in bulk. Users are able to select a ticket view and select tickets to be deleted, or delete all tickets in the selected view. For Suspended tickets, users are able to filter the tickets by ticket's cause of suspension.

Manage Your Suspended Tickets Zendesk only allows users to delete tickets by selecting up to 100 tickets at time. This could be time-consuming for Zendesk instance with high ticket volumes - including those receiving hundreds or thousands emails in the Suspended ticket views. It is not easy going through the suspended tickets and select the ones to recover vs pure spam emails that we want to delete.

Complying with Privacy and Data Protection Law If you have obligations to comply with Privacy and Data Protection law (e.g. GDPR), this app could be useful. Often times you are required to permanently delete certain tickets. With this app, you can tag tickets that you'd like to delete and show them in either a public or private view. At the end of the day (or whenever you decide), you could use this app to delete all tickets in the view that you created.


  • Users can select ticket view from the view dropdown. Public and private views will be visible.

  • The refresh button is available to show the latest list of tickets

  • This app has been optimized to mass delete tickets in the most effective way possible. Deleting 100 tickets would take around 10 seconds while deleting 10,000 tickets could take up to five minutes. In any case, users can leave the page and the deletion process will keep running in the background

How to install

Install the app from Zendesk Marketplace. Once installed, this app can be accessed on the side navigation bar. For technical support, please contact us at



Archived tickets

Currently archived tickets couldn't be retrieved via API so archived tickets could not be deleted with this app.



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